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Researchers continue to identify key challenges that specifically confront women as leaders. We continually blend the latest research into our leadership development programs offered to women.

Our Focus

Do What Counts Model

Our Do What Counts model provides a firm foundation to empower women to think strategically about their futures. Based on our proprietary 5 C model, these sessions help women balance the challenges of working within a corporate culture while maintaining personal satisfaction and productivity.

To help women become more effective professionally and personally, we focus on two distinct areas.

  • Women as Leaders: Increasing effectiveness at work
    This is traditional leadership development training in a women only setting. We see significant results emerge from women-only sessions that address the unique needs of working women. As far as women have come, many of us are still challenged by style issues that impact our effectiveness.

  • Women as Individuals: The challenge of creating a strong personal foundation
    Our program, Do What Counts for Women, directly confronts the on-going challenge of achieving life balance for working women. Using our 5 C model, women review their choices and develop plans to strengthen their sense of balance and enable them to address challenges with a renewed sense of purpose.

Program Options

We offer programs ranging from 2 hours to 2 full days. Follow-up telephone coaching is available.

Who Would Benefit?

These programs are perfect for women’s professional networks, spouse programs, or any group of women who want to work in a community setting for the purpose of personal growth.


Who We've Helped

"The Do What Counts platform was the perfect content we needed to begin our intern development program. We wanted to provide a thought provoking, substantive opportunity for these young women to learn more about themselves and their goals. The DWC team collaborated with us to create a program that exceeded our expectations."

- Ellen Glazerman
Executive Director, Ernst & Young

"I attended the session on Clarity at the Forte Foundation Intern Symposium. I found it to be very beneficial. I learned how to connect all of the past events in my life to give me guidance and inspiration for my future endeavors."

Forte intern
Forte Foundation Intern Symposium
July 2003

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