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Student-Athletes on college campuses are in a position to affect significant positive change, both on and off campus. We train student-athletes and collegiate staff to transfer their leadership skills from the field of play to the world in which they live.

Our Focus

  • Leadership Conferences
    Through our long-term relationship with the NCAA, we have developed expertise in the design and delivery of interactive and effective leadership development programs for student-athletes and staff. We deliver programs to help student-athletes become more effective leaders on their teams, campuses and communities.

    We are fortunate to be contracted to design the content and train the facilitation teams for the NCAA Regional Leadership Conferences for Divisions I, II and III. Lynne Kaplan has played a major role in the design and implementation of the NCAA National Leadership Conference since its inception in 1997. More than 2000 students have attended the National Conference and the majority calls it a life-changing experience.

  • Campus and Conference Workshops
    We love to come to campuses and conferences to work directly with student-athletes and collegiate staff. We offer leadership and team building programs for teams, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), athletic staff, or the entire athletic department.

    While specific topics are selected to meet client needs, our approach is always interactive, energetic, fun and effective.

Program Options

We customize our program delivery to the specific needs of your school, the athletes and the staff. We can deliver seminars ranging from one hour to multiple days. It is all about fulfilling your needs.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Any student-athlete who is interested in becoming a more effective leader
  • Faculty Athletic Representatives (FAR)
  • Athletic Department Staff
  • Senior Women Administrators (SWA)

Who We've Helped

NCAA News Articles about the NCAA Leadership Conferences we deliver:

Who We've Helped

"I want to thank you for inspiring and motivating me, as well as pushing my thought process and leadership skills to the limits... (Lynne) you are a positive role model in my life and in my pursuits and dreams."

- Jaime Fluker
Member, Division III Student-Athelete Advisory Committee

Thank you for giving me the best experience of my life and molding me into the best leader I can be!

- Division I Student-Athlete (female), 2004 NCAA National Leadership Conference Attendee

You have changed my life!

- Division I Student-Athlete (male), 2004 NCAA National Leadership Conference Attendee

This was an unbelievable week. I have learned so very much and can not wait to transfer everything to my football team.

- Division III Student-Athlete (male), 2004 NCAA National Leadership Conference Attendee

This experience was awesome and I will use the lessons I learned this week in all aspects of my life!

- Division II Student-Athlete (female), 2004 NCAA National Leadership Conference Attendee

Lynne’s work has been an integral part of the success of the NCAA Divisional Student-Athlete Regional Leadership Conferences. Not only has she done a great job of designing the content, she also excels at training the facilitators. She brings a high level of energy and creativity that inspires student-athletes, coaches, athletics administrators and staff. I really enjoy working with her and I wouldn’t want to do this without her help!

- Dallas Pride
Assistant Director of Education Outreach

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