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Individuals who are working to achieve a sense of balance are generally more effective in all aspects of their lives: personal and professional. We offer a series of workshops that empower people to think about their life choices in a more satisfying way.

Our Focus

We offer both individualized coaching and group training sessions to help people develop a sense of comfort and strength when dealing with life’s challenges.

Do What Counts Model

Our Do What Counts model provides a firm foundation to empower individuals to think strategically about their futures. Based on our proprietary 5 C model, these sessions help individuals balance the challenges of working within a corporate culture while maintaining personal satisfaction and productivity.

Do What Counts curriculum elements

  • A self assessment
  • Up to four workshops, depending on the length of the program
  • A Creativity session to integrate what has been learned into action plans.

Do What Counts follow-up includes

  • An overview of participants’ collective attitudes
  • Annual assessment and follow-up
  • Telephone coaching sessions for individual participants

Program Options

We offer programs ranging from 2 hours to 2 full days, depending on our client’s needs. Follow-up telephone coaching is available.

Who Would Benefit?

Any one who is seeking to clarify and strengthen his or her sense of comfort with key life choices.

Who We've Helped

"My team participated in the Do What Counts Clarity workshop on a Wednesday. By Friday, I had already used the insights we gained to build a team for a new project based on their talents."

- Rosie Stallman
Director, Education Services, NCAA

"Participating in Do What Counts was a life changing experience. It gave me an opportunity to recharge, and now I'm ready to make the changes I've been thinking about for way too long. Thanks for the motivation and the inspiration."

- Dee Byrnes
Principal, The Byrnes Group

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