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Do What Counts offers a unique blend of development programs and services to help new and experienced leaders deliver organizational results. Based on more than 20 years of experience, we deliver programs and processes that meet the unique needs of your organization.

We offer programs in these five areas:

Leadership Development
Leaders drive organizational success. We work with leaders to develop the skills and style required to effectively mobilize others to work toward a shared goal.
Personal Development
The Do What Counts model empowers individuals to think strategically about their futures. By examining those aspects of their lives that matter most, participants are encouraged to reflect and set directions for themselves.
Women's Programs
Experience has demonstrated that women benefit from training programs designed to meet their specific needs. We offer professional training in leadership skills as well as personal development sessions to help women consider and affirm their choices.
Student Athlete Development
The ability to lead others is a critical success factor for collegiate student-athletes. We work with the NCAA, conferences, and individual campuses to help students and staff develop requisite skills.
Strategy Development & Meeting Facilitation
Objective skilled facilitation can determine the success of your planning sessions or focus groups. We offer effective processes to help you – whether your goal is to develop annual plans, complex strategies or simply strengthen your team.


Who We've Helped

Over the past 20 years, the parent company of Do What Counts, Lynne Kaplan & Associates, has assisted a variety of Fortune 500 companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Nike, American Express and Coca-Cola - developing and delivering programs that meet clients' needs. Do What Counts has also worked extensively within collegiate athletics as well as with a host of smaller, but highly focused businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Professionals With Experience

Our team is comprised of a number of remarkable leaders with over 100 years of business experience working with and within major organizations.

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