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About Our Company

We are in the business of designing, developing and delivering training programs for Fortune 500 companies and any organization that wants to improve business by building on employee talent. Over the past 20 years, our professionals have consulted with a variety of clients and thousands of people. We have constructed and implemented large-scale change initiatives and coached numerous executives.

Our professional team offers a rich variety of expertise. We believe that our combined experience provides a professional perspective that is unique.


Lynne Kaplan & Associates (LK&A) was founded in 1980, and utilizing all aspects of Organizational Development, helps great organizations develop great teams. In 2000, Lynne gathered a team of professionals and began creating Do What Counts. Originally designed as a personal development program for women only, the LK&A team quickly determined that companies were interested in the Do What Counts product for all their leaders. Today, Do What Counts is available to all organizations who are interested in creating healthy work environments by ensuring their employees are centered in all aspects of their lives – both personally and professionally. LK&A also conducts student-athlete training for the NCAA Divisions I, II and III.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality training for leaders within organizations that enables them to reassess, redesign and redirect their lives to increase satisfaction and effectiveness.

We provide an outstanding professional development seminar series for companies who are interested in developing and retaining high potential talent. We are unique in our approach, as it is executive coaching offered in a small group setting, allowing participants the opportunity to interact, as well as individual introspection accompanied by one-on-one personal coaching.

Our Staff

The Do What Counts staff includes our professional program designers and facilitators and also our corporate staff who created and developed the business model, launched our program offerings, and oversee operations.

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